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3D denture treatment leads to optimal fit and function

3D Denture Treatment - Senior Woman With Smile Historically, dentures had many inadequacies. Dentistry had limited technology to aid in the creation of dentures. Standard impressions and measurements could lead to a fit that is less than perfect. The primary complaints expressed by denture wearers have been discomfort, lodged food particles, and embarrassment due to slipping, sliding dentures. Dentures may not be real teeth, but they should feel like a real part of your oral structure.

At The Denture Clinic, we believe that customization is possible, and our patients' satisfaction with our work shows that customizing dentures with the latest technologies makes an enormous impact on the outcome. We are proud to provide 3D denture treatment to patients from the Surrey area, Weybridge, Carshalton Beeches, Wallington, Sutton and surrounding townships.

How 3D dentures are different from a standard appliance

The denture appliance made in our office will look very similar to a conventional denture. What sets our treatment apart is our use of modern technology. Our team does more than take traditional 2-dimensional x-rays and impressions. When you visit us for your custom-fit denture, we will take four different impressions. One impression covers the tooth area, another covers the surface of the gums. The third impression measures the area in which the tongue rests, and the last will assess the area outside of teeth.

Our use of multiple impressions is done because we understand that dentures are not just about the replacement of teeth alone. Just like natural teeth, dentures need to fit nicely within the surrounding structures.

Why choose 3D dentures

When tooth loss occurs, the goal is to replace teeth in a way that looks very natural while also feeling comfortable and stable. 3D impression-taking drastically improves the outcome of dentures in every way. Teeth are properly sized in relation to gums and the arch of the appliance sits as it should over the natural arch. With this level of fit, there is minimal risk of slipping and sliding. Well-fitting dentures are stable and far less likely to harbour food beneath them.

The stability of your denture will affect how you smile, laugh, chew, and speak. At The Denture Clinic, you can restore more than your smile, you can restore your confidence.

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