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Patient Video Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

At The Denture and Implant Clinic, we make every effort to provide a high standard of service and care to our patients. We would like you to help us maintain these high standards by completing the following short questionnaire. It is completely and you do not need to state your name. Please complete the boxes with numbers 0-5.
5 = Excellent
4 = Good
3 = Average
2 = Poor
1 = Very poor
0 = N/A
1. Did our brochure give you the right level of information?5
2. Were are reception and other staff always courteous?5
3. Was the proposed treatment explained to you clearly?5
4. In comparison to your previous dentist, was the explanation more informative?5
5. Did your treatment meet your expectations?5
6. Would you feel happy to refer prospective patients to us?5
"They made me a good set of dentures that feel like my own set of teeth. I had put up with really poor dentures for years and years and didn't know that there was a solution. When I attended my appointment they explained everything really well and I finally understood why my previous dentures were so poor. Overall, very happy with the treatment that I had received."

~ Naylor
"I was referred to this clinic by my dentist as I required quite a lot of advanced work. The work was carried out to a high standard and I have had no problems whatsoever. If you require a good dentist this is the place for you!"

~ Anonymous
"I have been very impressed with my dental treatment that I have received here! They treated me in a very kind and gentle way."

"Having such nice people to talk to about my problems very helpful. I am very pleased with my new teeth, as in the past no denture has fitted properly. Thank you once again and I would recommend others to you."

~ Lavendar A.
"I must express my complete satisfaction with the work that was carried out by the team at the Dental Clinic - I had removal of teeth, and implants and all associated work connected with the making of new dentures and for improving my confidence. I would also like commenmd the professionalism to all ataff and in particular Peter Silverside for his enduring patience and tolorance in resolving a rather complex situation. I would thoroughly recommend the practice to all with dental problems. PB - Sidcup"

~ Patricia B.
"After almost a lifetime of dodgy teeth, especially my lower ones, I decide after much research to have some implants on my lower jaw. The whole process was daunting, but everything has been explained well – which put my mind at ease. All the staff has been excellent and although my case was complex it all went very well. I am very pleased with my new teeth and quite believe how good they look. Thanks!"

~ Fred R.
"For years and hundreds of pounds spent on dentistry of all types, I can at last eat so far most types of food. Many thanks to all the staff at the clinic on behalf of my daughter and myself, Keep up the good work."

~ F.B
"I was very happy with the treatment of my teeth, and also the after-care set up. One or two adjustments have been necessary and these have been done in a very courteous and satisfactory manner. I have recommended the clinic to one friend and will have no hesitation in recommending it to others."

~ J.D
"I have been attending The Denture Clinic for a considerable number of years, during that period I have had various treatments including dentures. My Dentures are the nearest I could have to normal teeth. Everybody at the clinic is so friendly, considerate and helpful which makes a visit there very more pleasant than others. I recommend them and I do every time I can."

~ Kelly
"I would like to say that I am very pleased with the treatment I received at The Denture and Implant Clinic. I was very nervous about having new dentures made but at every visit I was informed of the treatment that would be undertaken during that visit and the opportunity to ask any questions.

My previous dentures were poorly fitting and looked unnatural in appearance. I lacked confidence in meeting and talking to new people and avoided having my photograph taken as my dentures sloped to one side.

I found that having the technician on site during the fitting of the dentures was excellent. I was asked how I would like the dentures to look and his advice and expertise were invaluable.

I am very happy with my new dentures. They look natural, fit well and I now feel confident when meeting people, feel free to laugh and smile and have no problems when eating.

I would definitely recommend The Denture and Implant Clinic to anyone who requires comfortable, well-fitting and natural looking dentures."

~ M.B
"Since having Mini Implants on my lower dentures I have had no worries about eating out. Also, not worrying about dentures moving. The whole procedure was pain free and quite comfortable. The Dentist, nurses and peter the technician were charming and put me at ease. Thanks to everyone involved."

~ PL
"I had a private denture for 18 months, at considerable cost. However, it had broken three times and had to be repaired – it did not fit properly. My husband found an advert for the Denture Clinic in a Croydon/Banstead local paper. My husband was planning to go abroad for his treatment as was I. The advert said come along for a free consultation and be advised. I was nervous coming – as a lady of senior years and few teeth I had no confidence in my smile at the time.

I met Jenny and Justin at my first appointment and felt happy to proceed because of the service they provided; Jenny dealt with me in such a professional manner. She advised me of the costs and what could and could not be done. Justin advised me that I was not a hopeless case and that he could sort me out.

I am a working lady and could afford the treatment so I decided that this was for me and went for it. I had my teeth cleaned by the ordinary dentist - that was lovely. After four visits I had my new denture fitted. Terry the technician remembered I wanted support for the upper and made adjustments for me without question. There was a step between a crown and the denture but Justin filed this so that all of my teeth on the lower were matching and in line. I am very happy with the denture, but not just the denture, I am delighted with the finished product and the service I have received. I would recommend The Denture Clinic to friends and this is not something that I would do lightly – I would have to have confidence. I feel that the staff have been very carefully selected.

I work in the NHS and know that people rarely compliment but are very quick to complain, hence why I am keen to recommend The Denture Clinic. My husband (who is a very nervous patient) is coming for his treatment in the New Year!"

~ Loretta B.
"I had full upper and lower dentures and was going through a tube of Fixodent a week, but this was not holding my dentures in place – it was an absolute nightmare!

I saw the advert for the Denture Clinic and came along for a consultation at the end of 2008, but could not afford the treatment. Having since been made redundant, I decided to go ahead. I had new upper and lower dentures and four mini implants placed. The top denture is now much better – my lip has been built out with no Botox required!

The mini implant procedure was fine. I had a local anesthetic and had some strong painkillers from my GP. I had four mini implants placed and experienced a dull ache as the local anesthetic wore off, which became severe pain for the first twelve hours. I took painkillers every four hours and after twelve hours the pain had receded. I was also given antibiotics and finished the course. The housing was placed on the day of the procedure and I was given a bag of goodies including mouthwash and a toothbrush to take home with me.

I am really delighted with the results and would definitely recommend mini dental implants to others who have ill fitting dentures. Once the initial pain is gone you really appreciate the benefits. There really is nothing to be scared of – Justin and his whole team were brilliant."

~ Dee J.
"Following and long period of time and several sets of ill-fitting dentures I now have a set of dentures which fit and I am hardly aware of their presence. My visits to the clinic were made a pleasure by the staff who were always welcoming. From the initial consultation to the final fitting the attention to detail and personal preferences were always a prime consideration."

~ Irene T.
"At my initial consultation with TDIC it was suggested that I have conscious sedation. I knew this would be the only way I could go through with the implants which I had been putting off for a long time. I am so glad I had the sedation and although it took two hours, I was not aware of anything during that time. I wish I had it done sooner instead of suffering bad teeth. I went home and slept for a couple of hours. There was no pain or bruising afterwards and only the tiniest bit of swelling on one side, nothing like the stories I had heard. Next time I won’t hesitate to have conscious sedation at TDIC. Absolutely brilliant."

~ Sarah W.
"I have been pleased with all the people involved with the work done on my dentures. Everyone is very nice and friendly and I am happy with the results. Thank you all. "

~ Marian C.
"I have decided after many years to sort out my teeth and opted for implants. When I rang the surgery I was immediately given an appointment to go see Jenny.

I was so nervous when I arrived as this was going to involved having a lot of teeth out and a lot of time and patience that I knew I would have to endure… I need not have worried!

Jenny (the treatment coordinator) explained all options in every detail, made me feel as if I had known her for years, we both then discussed everything with Dr Stewart again. A great deal of time was spent on me from both of them.

To cut a long story short I turned up on the day to start my treatment which meant having implants put straight in (I was petrified) but I was treated like a queen and was given encouragement at every stage. I have to admit though, I fell apart when I got home as everything went so smoothly. Although of course I was sore for a couple of days, I was phoned by surgery to see how I was getting on and told over and over again that if I had any problems I must phone them straightaway.

They healed well and after a few months, I went back and the same procedure was carried out on the lower teeth, again I was petrified but walked in and was treated like an old friend by everyone.

The lower teeth I had a few problems with due to ulcers but again was told to phone if needed and I had to go back a few times but always nothing was too much trouble for the surgery, in fact, I got told off because I didn’t like to bother them!

I decided a few weeks after all the work was done to go for ‘fixed denture option’ and not what we had originally gone for, I was nervous for days in case they got cross for changing my mind but although I had to have another 2 implants they just got on and did it (by this time I really was an old friend when I went down there).

I am now just a year into treatment, my lower mouth has fixed dentures (marvellous) and I will be having the top fixed in a couple of months!

I have recommended a couple of people to The Denture and Implant Clinic, for the reason that from the time you walk in the door you are made to feel special. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone who works there and I would dearly like to thank every single person who has been part of my treatment. I would adamantly tell anyone who asked me how very, very good the clinic is and as my late mum would say, “if you treat people as you would want to be treated, life will be good.

I now feel very, very confident about my teeth and I thank god for the day I had the nerve to phone The Denture and Implant Clinic."

~ Jackie G.
"Just a few words to thank you for all your kindness and patience you showed over the time when fitting my “new teeth”. I have always had a sort of phobia against dentists. This goes back to my childhood in Switzerland when at the age of 9 or so some gas was used on my teeth instead of an injection. Quite a frightful experience and I never got over it completely (psychologically).

Anyhow, regarding the new dentures, my husband and some friends who know about them, said that they thought the appearance of them looked good and very natural. The upper ones are quite perfect and the extended palate feels comfortable. So I can wear them virtually all day without a problem. I do have to take them out at times to relax the gums but in the letter written by The Denture and Implant Clinic it says it will take a few weeks to get used to them so I must persevere with them of course. I clean them everyday with the special gel they gave me in my cleaning pack."

~ Marliene B.
"Just a few lines to express my sincere thanks to you and all of your staff for the kind and courteous way I was always treated during my treatment at The Denture and Implant Clinic. My implants are great and I would recommend them to anyone, my only regret is that I had to wait till I was 88 years of age before I got them. I can eat anything now, even steak! Very many thanks to all of you."

~ Marie C.

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    "I must express my complete satisfaction with the work that was carried out by the team at the Dental Clinic - I had removal of teeth, and implants and all associated work connected with the making of new dentures and for improving my confidence. I would also like commenmd the professionalism to all ataff and in particular Peter Silverside for his enduring patience and tolorance in resolving a rather complex situation. I would thoroughly recommend the practice to all with dental problems. PB - Sidcup


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