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For 3D dentures, Epsom area patients enjoy preparatory treatment

3d Dentures From Epsom Dentist

At The Denture and Implant Clinic, our team of professionals want Epson area patients to receive only the best treatment options for their smiles. This may include preparing them for the best restoration they can obtain. Our practice is proud to offer not only traditional dentures, but also 3D dentures, which offer superior fit and function.

Preparatory Treatment For Dentures

Sometimes, all teeth have already fallen out and patients can start here to begin the process of obtaining their new dentures. However, sometimes other preparations need to be made. If a few teeth remain, they can be extracted to allow patients to move to a full denture versus a partial denture. Additionally, if patients are interested in stabilizing their denture with an implant, they need to undergo x-rays to ensure they have sufficient bone for successful placement. Without adequate bone, the implants may fail. Sometimes, patients may be referred to a specialist for bone grafting to rebuild the bone and prepare it for the placement of dental implants.

Determining Preparations

It is essential that patients work with a dentist who will be providing complete implant services from start to finish. Dr. Suril Amin evaluates his patients first to see if they can benefit from full dentures. This includes a physical evaluation as well as x-rays. Patients can talk about other options that they may want to consider if available. Preparations such as the removal of remaining teeth or bone grafting are performed before impressions are taken. The impressions are used to create the new dentures. What sets preparation for a 3D denture apart from a traditional denture is the type of impressions. Our dental team will take impressions of all areas of the mouth so the new denture fits perfectly within the smile.
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