Question 2 – Will I get to meet with the denture technician direct?

Following on from question 1, “Do you make a lot of dentures each year?”, in our series of 9 key questions you should ask the dentist making your dentures, here is question 2:

Will I get to meet with the denture technician direct?

Good answer: No, however, the dentist will have a long discussion with the denture technician about each case and may take photographs of the patient at the bite and try-in stage, so the technician can get the optimum cosmetic result.

TDIC answer: Yes, you will meet the denture technicians direct; in fact they will move the teeth in wax in front of you to ensure you get the best possible result. We will only finish the denture when both you and the technician are happy with the result.

We will publish question 3 soon, but if you want to get a copy of all 9 questions contact us now to order a brochure.


The above questions are really suggestions to stimulate a discussion between the dentist and patient. If the dentist is willing to spend time answering these questions and is knowledgeable about the answers it is more likely he will spend more time with you to ensure the best results. If you are in any doubt we offer a free consultation with no obligation, you are more than welcome to come along and get another opinion.

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