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Obtain a quality pair of complete dentures in Wallington

Best Quality Dentures from Wallington Dentist

If you have had dentures made by a dental practice and have been unhappy with fit and function, now is the time to contact the team of The Dental Implant Clinic in the Wallington community to receive a quality pair of complete dentures.
Complete dentures made at The Dental Implant Clinic are different from those at other dental practices. The complete dentures made at The Dental Implant Clinic are done in a way that ensures the best fit and comfort. They are fabricated using external impressions which help allow for movement of the cheeks, lips, face, and tongue. They are also much more comfortable because of the way they are made.
Additionally, complete dentures made at The Dental Implant Clinic provide patients with better chewing and biting efficiency. Their better overall fit allows patients to enjoy their dentures and have the confidence to speak with others and enjoy their favourite foods without worrying about their ill-fitting dentures. Patients can also transform their complete dentures into implant-supported dentures for even better stability and strength if they choose to do so. They do require patients to have enough bone structure for satisfactory placement and the stimulation of bone growth around the implant for successful implantation.
Complete dentures made through The Dental Implant Clinic are also easy to adjust thanks to the use of a Coble Balancer. This mechanism allows the dentist to make precise adjustments as necessary for best possible fit and function. Adjustments are sometimes done over the course of time as the structure of the smile changes and can help patients enjoy their dentures for longer before new restorations need to be made.
Patients who are interested in obtaining a quality pair of complete dentures in or around the Wallington area are welcome to contact the team of The Dental Implant Clinic for an examination and consultation appointment with our professionals to learn about the many solutions available for tooth restoration. From dentures to dental implants, we have a wide range of options for patients ready to restore and repair their smiles after the loss of one or more teeth within their smile.
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