Q8: Are your prices value for money?

Following on from questions 7, “Do you take on difficult/impossible cases?“, in our series of 9 key questions you should ask the dentist making your implants, here is question 8:

Are your prices value for money?

Naturally everyone wants value for money. For most people this means avoiding the cheapest on the market where quality may be compromised and also the most expensive. Larger dental implant providers tend to be below average in price but maintain a high quality as they can make use of volume to keep costs down.

The above questions are really suggestions to stimulate a discussion between the dentist and patient. If the dentist is willing to spend time answering these questions and is knowledgeable about the answers it is more likely he will spend more time with you to ensure the best results. If you are in any doubt we offer a free consultation with no obligation, you are more than welcome to come along and get another opinion.

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