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Procedures of complete dentures for patients in Wallington

Complete Dentures from Wallington Dentist

Dentures have come a long way over the years. While many patients think back to the dentures their grandparents used to have, modern dentures are greatly improved. Plus, materials and techniques have changed dramatically to provide natural looking, fully-functional solutions for patients of all ages. The team of The Dental Implant Clinic in the Wallington area provides patients with many options when it comes to smile restoration, including dental implants and dentures.
Complete dentures are the most commonly requested dentures at our practice. Patients who need to restore an entire dental arch, top or bottom, can do so with these dentures. The team of The Dental Implant Clinic understands that placing dental implants is only best for one or two teeth within the smile and not for replacing an entire dental arch.
The procedures of complete dentures starts with a consultation appointment with the dentist. The dentist can provide a thorough evaluation to determine if patients can benefit from this treatment. Then, the dentist will discuss the process of obtaining complete dentures, which begins with impressions. Unlike other dental practices in the Wallington area, our practice takes numerous impressions of the smile to ensure precise fit and comfort. These impressions are used to fabricate the dentures. Patients also have a say in the appearance of their new smile and can work with our artistic professionals to design the teeth and gums. Using high quality acrylics and metals we can provide individuals with strong, durable dentures that not only function properly but look natural.
Once the new dentures are completed, patients return to The Dental Implant Clinic for final adjustments. The dentures are put in place and any necessary adjustments are made to ensure fit and function. We want our patients to be 100% satisfied and we will provide adjustments for free over time when patients purchase their dentures from our practice. Well-fitted dentures are more comfortable and reduce the risk of irritation and problems often associated with ill-fitting appliances. Patients who visit their dentist regularly should bring their dentures to their appointments for an evaluation.
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