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What is the Process of Receiving 3D Dentures?

3d Denture From Sutton Dentist

At The Denture Clinic, we focus on providing dentures that our patients enjoy and feel comfortable with. This is essential to patient satisfaction. Many denture wearers are unhappy with their dentures. Traditional dentures tend to shift and slide around on the gums, even with over the counter dental adhesives. When they do stay in place, they still won’t feel like natural teeth to the patient. Focusing on providing comfortable, well-fitting dentures that patients won’t dread wearing is the primary goal of Dr. Stewart. This is where patients will often consider high quality 3D dentures from The Denture Clinic.
3D dentures are made to fit precisely in the patient’s mouth. They are created with the patient’s movements in mind, to design a restorative product that truly “fits.” Patients have to go through a certain process to create a special mould for these dentures. There is a certain procedure of 3D dentures. Sutton dentist, Dr. Stewart, can walk patients through the process of creating impressions for a custom set of 3D dentures.
The thing that sets 3D dentures apart is the way they are formed. Instead of taking just one impression of the dental arch, as traditional dentists do, Dr. Stewart will take several impressions to create a precise mould for the development of the patient’s dentures. Four impressions are taken. The first impression is of the tooth surface, and the second is the gum surface. Then Dr. Stewart will take impressions of the inside and outside surfaces, addressing the areas where the patient’s tongue rests, as well as the area that touches the cheeks and lips. Patients are encouraged to move their mouth in various ways to create the best impression that mimics the movements that the patient makes when they speak, talk, and laugh.
When the impressions are complete, they are sent off to a specialized laboratory to create these amazingly well fitting, quality dentures for patients who are anxious to enjoy the benefits of 3D dentures.
Are you tired of ill-fitting dentures? Are you ready for something unique and comfortable? Consider visiting The Denture Clinic in Sutton today for a consultation appointment and learn more about how 3D dentures can benefit you and the way you live your life!
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