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What procedure is done for patients in Carshalton having partial dentures made?

Partial Denture Procedure From Carshalton Dentist

Many patients in the Carshalton area who are dealing with tooth loss can speak to the team of The Denture Clinic to learn more about partial dentures. Partial dentures are restorative solutions that are made with quality metals and acrylics to fabricate false teeth and allow them to snap into place within the dental arch. Partial dentures are considered by many patients who are on a tight budget and want to repair their smile in an economic manner. These restorations are often the first choice for many individuals who are on a tight budget yet know the importance of a beautiful smile that functions at its best.
Partial dentures are made with false teeth that are fused to a metal framework that snaps into the dental arch using clasps. To make them, we take impressions of the dental arch and also considers the colour and shape of the existing teeth to fabricate a pontic (false tooth) which is created by a dental laboratory and made to work with the dental framework so that when the partial denture is put in place, the pontic falls right into the area where the missing tooth or teeth used to be. When they arrive from the dental laboratory, patients try them on and the dentist will check to make sure they fit comfortably. Adjustments can be easily made to ensure a proper fit and function. Partial dentures are an often desirable method of repairing the smile in an effective and affordable way.
Partial dentures are a wonderful alternative to dental bridges and dental implants and many patients in the Carshalton area and surrounding communities are welcome to speak to the team of The Denture Clinic today to educate themselves on partial dentures and the benefits they can provide for restoring the smile. We provide quality restorations through The Denture Clinic and is ready and willing to help new patients.
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