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Patients Look Great

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What are cosmetic dentures?

A lot of dentists are drawn into the field of cosmetic dentistry as it is what a lot of people nowadays want – they not only want their teeth to function well, but want them to look great as well. This side of dentistry is glamorous, as it makes patients look great – that’s why a lot of dentists go into this field, however, they often forget about the less glamorous side such as dentures. Therefore, this has led to a genuine lack of interest and knowledge amongst general dentists regarding dentures, and it’s often difficult to find a good … Continue reading

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Common Question

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Commonly asked questions at the dentist

1. What’s the best toothpaste to use? Generally speaking, most toothpastes do the same thing. You want a foamy substance that applies fluoride to the teeth. The main benefits of tooth brushing are mechanical removal of plaque and application of fluoride to the teeth. The big differences are sensitive-teeth toothpastes, which all work in slightly different ways and Colgate Total which is scientifically proven to be better at plaque control that other toothpastes. In fact, they have a patent, as it contains a special ingredient that helps keep plaque away. 2. What’s the best mouthwash to use? Most mouthwashes work … Continue reading

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