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Improve your smile with 3D dentures in the Carshalton community

Improve Your Smile With 3d Denture From Carshalton Dentist

Are you ready to improve your smile? Are you dealing with significant tooth loss and have been unhappy with the dentures obtained at a traditional dental office? Many patients in the Carshalton area who improved their smile with 3D dentures find that they are able to not only address the natural appearance of their smile but achieve better-fitting dentures that feel like a part of their body—not an extra apparatus.
At The Dental Implant Clinic, patients in the Carshalton area can achieve a more beautiful smile using our 3D denture system. Instead of just taking impressions of the upper and lower dental arches, our dental team takes a series of impressions that are all used together to create the best custom made dentures. By taking impressions of all angles of the smile, including outside the gum line, inside the gum line, and of both dental arches, we are able to fabricate a denture that fits precisely within the smile and feels as natural as possible. Patients can use their 3D dentures with either natural suction, dental adhesives, or even mini dental implants for an implant-supported denture.
3D dentures are made to fit precisely within the smile. They are not only comfortable but beautiful. 3D dentures are made with high quality acrylics and are fabricated based off preferences of the patients to help them design their new smile. When patients play a part in the design of their new smile, they are much more excited about their new restoration. They have more confidence knowing their input was a factor in the fabrication of their new dentures and love investing in a smile they helped create.
Are you ready to improve your smile with 3D dentures? Contact the team of The Dental Implant Clinic in Carshalton to educate yourself further on the advantages of designing a set of dentures using the 3D denture technique. We encourage you to consult with our professionals to find out more about this amazing method of denture fabrication and what sets it apart from other denture clinics in the area.
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