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Partial Dentures With Equipoise System from Sutton Dentist

How does the Equipoise System of partial dentures work for Sutton patients?

Partial dentures are perfect for patients who are not candidates for dental implants but do not want to affect surrounding teeth by placing dental bridges. Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth within a dental arch, and are easily removable. However, because they are removable, many are troublesome for patients. Patients may find that their partial denture has a tendency to pop out of place at inopportune times; while others may find that the metal hooks and clasps are too visible and may be a source of self-consciousness. Thanks to a line of partial dentures called the Equipoise System, Sutton dentists such as Dr. Stewart of The Denture Clinic can provide patients with an alternative partial denture that eliminates these problems and concerns.
Dr. Stewart often recommends the Equipoise System partial dentures. Sutton residents can enjoy these dentures and all that they have to offer. These partial dentures are made in a way that allows them to discreetly stay in place without the use of metal hooks and clasps that may be noticeable.
Equipoise partial dentures are designed to hook flawlessly into a patient’s dental arch and stay in place securely. This is done by creating a denture that provides equal pressure and balance. This also helps protect the natural teeth, distributing pressure and force across the arch without putting too much on the denture or natural teeth. Patients will find that they can go through their days without even realising that they are wearing partial dentures!
Dr. Stewart of The Denture Clinic in Sutton is happy to have this option available for patients who have struggled with traditional partial dentures in the past and have been dissatisfied with the results. Whether it was ill-fitting dentures or noticeable clasps and hooks on their previous pair of partials, Dr. Stewart will consult with patients to determine if Equipoise partial dentures are right for each individual. With the knowledge and information available, patients can make an educated decision regarding their restorative and cosmetic treatments, and be able to have a say in what they feel may be best for their personal situation.
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