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Dentist in Surrey describes the procedure necessary for full dentures

Custom Complete Dentures from Surrey Dentist

The idea of having full dentures made can be a concern for many patients. They may feel unsure of what will happen, which makes them uneasy about the entire procedure necessary to receive full dentures. However, at The Dental Implant Clinic in Surrey, we walk patients through the entire process of receiving full dentures so there are no misunderstandings or misconceptions.
First, patients who are having full dentures done must prepare the dental arch accordingly. This may require the removal of existing teeth. The arch being prepared for dentures may have already lost several teeth due to trauma, disease, or extraction, but the entire arch must be cleared before full dentures can be made. An appointment will be made for the extraction of the remaining teeth at The Dental Implant Clinic.
Once the teeth in the dental arch have been removed, the dentist will perform a series of dental impressions. These impressions are made in a different manner from traditional dental impressions. Instead of just taking one impression to use for the fabrication of the dentures, we take several impressions to ensure that we achieve a precision fit. This is done to make our special 3D dentures which are highly superior to traditional dentures made at any conventional dental practice.
The impressions are used to fabricate the dentures, which may take some time. We also have a series of dentures called “dentures in a day” in which we fast-track the fabrication of dentures so patients do not have to wait an extensive amount of time to restore their smile. Our patients are encouraged to speak to our team about this option if they are interested in a faster process.
After the dentures have been made, patients come back into the practice for the final fitting. We want to make sure the dentures sit within the smile just right so patients do not have to worry about the function or shifting of their new restorations. Patients are also educated at this time on how to insert, remove, and care for their new prosthetics while at the same time making any necessary adjustments for exceptional fit.
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