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Dental practice in Surrey community provides patients with full and partial dentures

Dental Dentures From Surrey Dentist

Dentures are a common solution for patients in the Surrey area who are faced with tooth loss. Whether patients are missing one tooth, several teeth, or all of their teeth, the team at The Dental Implant Clinic can assist. Our team of professionals have years of experience in restoring the beauty and function to smiles of both men and women in our state-of-the-art practice.
The dentists at The Dental Implant Clinic are proud to specialize in offering superior dentures with revolutionary new techniques and high quality materials. We want our patients to have well-fitting dentures that stay in place, look natural, and allow patients to look even younger! This is why we offer full and partial dentures.
Full dentures are fabricated using a set of 3D impressions for full customization of an entire arch of false teeth, including the creation of a false gum line to ensure a more beautiful appearance. They are used when all of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw are lost or removed. Patients who are missing a single tooth, however, would require a partial denture. This denture is made using a metal framework that snaps into the dental arch and uses the existing teeth for support. The false tooth slides into the space from the missing tooth. Partial dentures can be used in situations when patients are missing one or more teeth from the dental arch and may be utilized as long as patients have enough teeth within the arch to provide support.
The team at The Dental Implant Clinic encourages patients to learn about our quality dentures and high-tech procedures. We offer 3D dentures, made from impressions that provide superior fit and function. We can suggest the placement of dental implants for stabilization. We also use PRGF to help in faster healing from extractions or the placement of dental implants. Our techniques make us one of the most experienced and modern dental implant clinics in the area.
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