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What are Dentures in a Day?

Custom Made Dentures From Sutton Dentist

The process of receiving dentures from a traditional dentist can be slow and time consuming. Dental impressions are sent to outside laboratories and may take weeks to complete. Once they arrive, the dentures may still require adjustments to get them to fit right. This process, from start to finish, can be discouraging for patients who want to enjoy an immediate improvement in their smile. At The Denture Clinic, we understand how important it is to have custom-made dentures in Sutton. We offer our “dentures in a day” for patients who want to enjoy a beautiful smile quickly.
Dentures in a Day are a special kind of denture that is made in as little as 24 hours. Patients come from all over the world to receive Dentures in a Day, and find that they usually require just one or two days to complete.
With Dentures in a Day, patients can choose from two basic types of dentures: high impact acrylic dentures and chrome/metal frame dentures. Patients can consult with Dr. Stewart during their initial consultation appointment to discuss the benefits of each, and can walk out of the dental office in 24 hours with a new, beautiful, well-fitted smile!
Thanks to on-site dental technicians, patients can receive their dentures must faster than at a traditional dental office. We don’t send our dentures off to laboratories miles away–we do all of the work in-house. When the patient comes to try out their denture, we offer initial adjustments to make sure patients are 100% satisfied with their new custom-made dentures in Sutton. We also work with patients to ensure that there are minimal adjustments needed to maintain a proper fit.
Are you ready for a completely different experience in denture creation? Consider scheduling a consultation appointment with Dr. Stewart today to enjoy Dentures in a Day! You’ll find that you receive high quality, well-fitting dentures in a fraction of the time it takes traditional dentists to complete, and you can enjoy relaxing accommodations while you wait! Call today and schedule a consultation appointment to learn more about custom made dentures in Sutton!
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