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Croydon area patients enjoy a complete denture stability with implant dentistry

Custom Complete Dentures from Croydon Dentist

Implant dentistry is one aspect of The Denture and Implant Clinic. Croydon area patients visit this practice because they specialize in offering restorative work that patients can use to improve the aesthetics and function of their smiles when tooth loss is involved. Dr. Suril Amin is dedicated to helping others in achieving the smile of their dreams, even when their dental health has not allowed them to do so previously.

Bringing The Smile To Health

The first step is making sure the smile is brought back to health. This may include thorough cleanings or laser therapies to address problems such as periodontal disease. Teeth that have been significantly impacted by dental caries may have to be removed if root canal therapy cannot save them. Extraction of teeth may also be done in order to prepare for the placement of a complete denture. Dr. Suril Amin speaks with patients regarding the process needed to get ready for dentures.

Should I Consider Dental Implants?

Some patients benefit from the placement of dental implants. Dental implants can stabilize complete dentures. Inability to keep them in place is a common complaint with full dentures. By using implant dentistry, patients can enjoy implant-supported dentures, which are far more stable than any other tooth restoration option. These dentures replace an entire arch of teeth and allow them to integrate with the implants, eliminating the need for denture adhesive or natural suction to be responsible for dentures staying in place.
If you reside in the area of Croydon and want to find out more about the benefits of implant dentistry combined with the fabrication and placement of complete dentures, now is the perfect time to contact The Denture and Implant Clinic. Our team assesses smiles to determine the best possible treatment option for each individual patient and can provide amazing, specialized care for adults ready to restore their smiles. Call today at [phone] to make an appointment.
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