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Using Dental Implants for the Best Complete Dentures in Sutton

Best Complete Dentures from Sutton Dentist

When patients are attempting to restore their smile after tooth loss, they may be overwhelmed and possibly confused at the many possibilities available to them for tooth restoration. From dentures to bridges to dental implants, there is a variety of ways for patients to improve their smile and bring back the original beauty. While the idea of dentures may conjure up elderly patients missing their entire smile, dentures have come a long way in providing patients of all ages with functional and beautiful replacements for missing teeth. Many patients come to The Denture Clinic to receive the best complete dentures in Sutton. These dentures are also called implant-supported dentures, and are one of the strongest types of dentures around.
Traditional dentures do not come without their problems. Patients who have traditional dentures may find they do not fit well, and constantly need to be adjusted by their dentist to keep their fit and function. Traditional dentures also have a tendency to slip and not stay in place, even with the help of dental adhesives. This may cause a patient to be extremely self-conscious and worried about whether or not their dentures will stay in place while they are out to eat, or talking with a friend. Patients with traditional dentures may also find that they are uneasy about eating certain foods that may be hard to chew or may cause their dentures to slip out of place. All of these problems are common complaints for denture wearers.
What if you could avoid these problems? Thanks to Dr. Stewart of The Denture Clinic, you can! With complete implant-supported dentures, patients are able to improve their smile while having confidence in it as well! Implant-supported dentures incorporate dental implants to provide the stability and strength of natural teeth. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone. Patient’s dentures are then made to fit these implants to snap into place. Without the use of adhesives, patients can have faith in the strength and durability of their smile, even when eating their favourite foods or talking amongst family and friends at a holiday party.
Tooth loss can be devastating to a patient’s smile, but thanks to Dr. Stewart, patients can get the best complete dentures in Sutton. The Denture Clinic is available to help patients restore their smile and feel more confident in the way it looks and functions. If you are interested in learning more about implant-supported dentures, call Dr. Stewart today to schedule a consultation and examination to determine your eligibility for this amazing alternative to standard dentures.
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