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When do the benefits of complete dentures make them a good choice for Carshalton patients?

Complete Dentures from Carshalton Dentist

Your mouth is a natural work of art, with each component – teeth, gums, tongue, cheeks, ligament, and bone – designed to work in coordination with the others so that you may eat, speak, and make facial expressions. Loss of all teeth can be emotionally traumatic and have a significant impact on your diet and overall wellness.
The current state of your teeth may unrepairable because of:

  • Severe tooth decay, beyond the scope of root canal therapy.
  • Advanced periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Trauma – such as many teeth broken in an accident or fall.
  • Multiple failed root canals or fractured roots.

In these situations, extraction maybe recommended, or teeth may have already fallen out. That throws off the balance of the mouth and the appearance of your face.
Of course, the Dental Implant Clinic wants to help you keep your natural teeth for a lifetime, but when necessary, dentures are an excellent choice. Edentulous (toothless) patients throughout the Carshalton area are discovering these benefits of complete dentures:

  • Mastication. That’s a fancy word for your ability to chew. Your body needs a varied diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains to remain healthy. Well-fitting dentures restore a good deal of your ability to cut and grind foods naturally. That means more delicious choices at the market or your favourite restaurant.
  • Aesthetics. Teeth support your lips and cheeks, and are part of your unique look. Artistically crafted dentures restore that volume, replacing a collapsed facial appearance, with attractive, white teeth.
  • Comfort. Our external impression design technique takes every aspect of fit into consideration. That means quicker adaptation to wearing dentures, improved stability, and less chance of mouth irritation.
  • Pronunciation. It’s difficult to speak clearly without teeth. Dentures let you express yourself normally.
  • Self-esteem. Beautiful, natural-looking complete dentures help you feel like you again, boosting confidence at work and in social situations.

The team at The Dental Implant Clinic is eager to talk with you about their modern approach to complete dentures. We’ve helped hundreds of patients in Carshalton and surrounding areas enjoy better quality of life with comfortable, attractive dentures. We can have you smiling soon, too! Our number is [phone].
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2 thoughts on “When do the benefits of complete dentures make them a good choice for Carshalton patients?”

  1. I like how you talked about the aesthetics of getting dentures to avoid a collapsed facial appearance. My grandpa is losing his teeth and looking into getting dentures to replace them so he can still look and feel the way he always has. Thank you for the information about how teeth support your cheeks and lips and are so important to one’s unique face.

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