9 Consequences Of Not Seeing A Hygienist

Gum disease afflicts some 80 to 90% of our adult population. The vast majority experience NO symptoms, and thus suffer the consequences of a silent insidious demise of not only their gums, but underlying bone, and often-times their overall systemic health.

The problem with gum disease is that it is a silent killer. It is often not visible and is often painless. The first sign of gum disease can be a loose tooth by which time it is too late, so the key to prevention is catching it in early stages and stopping it progressing.

As gum disease progresses there is irreversible jaw bone loss and because it is so hard for dentists to restore over reduced bone levels we really want to do all we can to stop this.

Finally, we have never seen gum disease heal itself. Gum disease progressively gets worse and like so many things the sooner you start working on stopping it, the better.

As you should be aware of the consequences of not seeing a hygienist, we have put together a warning list – here is no.1:

Costs Patients more money:

did you know the American dental system relies heavily on Dental Insurance and typically these insurers cover 100% of the fee for hygiene treatment? They only cover some of the cost for dental treatments like fillings and they only cover an even smaller amount of higher cost treatments like implants, crowns and root fillings. The reason they do this is because they know that seeing the hygienist regularly will save them money in the long-run. So if insurers know this, Patients need to know that in the long run they will save money by seeing a hygienist regularly.

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