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Surrey area patients learn about 3D Dentures

3d Dentures From Surrey Dentist

3D Dentures are a great option for Surrey community patients who are ready to get the best fit, function, and beauty out of their new dental restorations.
Today’s technology makes it easy for patients to obtain some of the best quality dental solutions for their smiles. At The Denture Clinic, our team of professionals in the Surrey area is proud to provide options for our patients that fit their needs and their budget. When it comes to quality restorations such as full dentures, our team offers what we call “3D Dentures.”
3D Dentures are made using multiple impressions for a quality fit. Our team takes impressions of not only the dental arch itself, but impressions inside the mouth to check for fit with the tongue. We also take outer impressions of the gum area to make sure we fabricate the dentures keeping the cheeks in mind as well. By doing this, we get a great 3D impression that makes a quality denture – one that fits precisely over the dental arch and feels great!
3D Dentures are available at The Denture Clinic, and our practice is committed to ensuring we make these restorations affordable. This is why we offer financing solutions for individuals who need to make their repairs fit their budget. We understand that dental work can be expensive, especially when patients are not prepared for the cost. We want to help patients in achieving the smiles they deserve without breaking the bank!
In addition to offering 3D Dentures, we also provide other restorations solutions such as partial dentures and dental implants. Many of these restorations can be used together to create the ultimate, most beautiful smile! We want our patients to allow us the opportunity to evaluate their situation and provide successful options that can help. Some patients may be appropriate candidates for one solution, while others may want to consider a different one. We can help patients make those decisions with our knowledge and expertise.
The team of professionals at our dental practice has committed themselves to providing new and existing patients with the assistance they need to look and feel their absolute best while enhancing the health and wellness of their smiles. Contact The Denture Clinic today to book a consultation visit and learn more about our 3D Dentures.
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