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Using 3D dentures for the best custom made dentures in Carshalton

Custom Made 3d Denture From Carshalton Dentist

Many patients in the Carshalton area who have struggled with ill-fitting dentures know how much of a pain they can be—both figuratively and literally. Poor fitting dentures can result in the development of sores and discomfort caused by food particles rubbing against the gums underneath the dentures. They can also fall out, shift, and be very unpredictable even with the use of dental adhesives. When individuals come to The Dental Implant Clinic complaining of ill-fitting dentures and the problems related to them, our team of experts will help in developing the best custom made dentures for these patients using our 3D dentures technique.
3D dentures are made differently from the dentures made in a typical dental office. Instead of taking one impression to fabricate the appliance, patients will undergo a series of different impressions. These may include the outside of the mouth to fit to the lips and the cheek as well as the inside of the mouth to cater to the movement of the tongue. With all these impressions, patients will enjoy a beautiful restoration that is also a great fit!
3D dentures fit great within the smile and many patients find that their dentures finally feel like a part of them. Patients can also use their 3D dentures with dental implant to enjoy better strength and durability. Implant-supported dentures are a popular method of holding dentures in place versus the alternative of natural suction and/or dental adhesives. However, patients considering implant-supported dentures need to have enough bone structure for successful placement and to help stimulate the process of osseointegration. In order to determine if patients have enough bone structure for the placement of dental implants, our dental team will have patients do a series of x-rays to check the bone of the jaw and see if it is sufficient to hold the implants in place before oral surgery is scheduled.
If you live in the Carshalton community or surrounding area and are interested in speaking with a dental professional about the advantages of 3D dentures, contact The Dental Implant Clinic today to book a consultation appointment and initial examination. Our team can help determine if you are a proper candidate for these custom made dentures with the best fit!
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