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Why 3D dentures are the best in custom made dentures for patients in the Wallington area

Best Custom Made 3d Dentures from Wallington Dentist

The professionals of The Dental Implant Clinic understand that loss of confidence many patients experience when they lose their adult teeth. These permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but certain situations can cause men and women to lose them or need them extracted. Patients in and around the Wallington area can visit our team of dentists to learn about the best in custom made dentures for repairing the smile after tooth loss.
Our practice focuses on creating quality restorations including 3D Dentures. 3D Dentures are fabricated in a completely different manner than other traditional dentures made in a dental office. Instead of taking a single impression of the smile for the dentures, we take a series of four. We want to ensure that our molds represent that way the muscles function within the mouth for better fit and function. When patients have our 3D Dentures created, they enjoy the benefits of improved ability to speak, eat, and smile with confidence.
3D dentures solve many problems, and our team has decades of combined experience. We want our patients to feel confident with their dentures and enjoy the advantages of a quality pair, which is why we encourage individuals to learn about the ways in which our dentures outperform our competition.
Our team provides complete and partial dentures, in addition to special “dentures in a day” that require anywhere from 24-48 hours to complete from start to finish. At The Dental Implant Clinic, we encourage prospective patients to find out which technique is most appropriate for their smile and can help them achieve the results they desire. Existing patients often work with us to make improvements on their current restorations or to have their old ones replaced with quality alternatives.
Interested in finding out if 3D Dentures are right for you? Contact the team of The Dental Implant Clinic today to book an appointment and discuss with our dentist the advantages of going through our practice for assistance with the smile.
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