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Wallington area dentist describes how 3D dentures are made

3D Denture From Wallington Dentist

Many patients in the Wallington area visit the dental team of The Denture Clinic to learn about the many ways in which the smile can be restored after tooth loss. Patients realize very quickly after extraction or tooth loss how important their natural teeth are to the appearance, and function of their smile. They take the time to speak to our team to learn about the many restorative options available, including the 3D denture.
The 3D denture is a different type of denture that is made in a completely different manner than traditional full dentures. Full dentures are used to replace missing teeth along the entire dental arch. They can be used on the top arch, bottom arch, or both arches. A traditional dental office in the Wallington area will take a single impression of the smile to fabricate the new dentures. However, with 3D dentures, the process is more extensive but results in a more beautiful, better fitting denture.
At The Denture Clinic, 3D dentures are made using several impressions of the smile. An impression is taken on the outside of the gums, above and below the tongue, and within the gum line to get an impression of the entire mouth for more precision and therefore, better comfort when patients wear their new 3D dentures. The team of The Denture Clinic believe in providing patients with quality dentures, and 3D dentures can allow individuals to dramatically improve their smile and feel comfortable with their new dentures.
3D dentures are a high priority for patients who have dealt with full dentures in the past and were unhappy with the way they fit. Ill-fitting dentures are a common complaint. The Denture Clinic is here to help patients in restoring their smile’s beauty and function while maintaining better fit and comfort at the same time. Contact The Denture Clinic today to book a consultation appointment with our team and learn more about 3D dentures and the development process.
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