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Helping patients in the Sutton area understand 3D denture technology

3d Denture From Carshalton Dentist

eeth play a vital role in your ability to eat nutritiously, speak clearly, and look like yourself. If you’ve lost your teeth, dentures are a great solution to restore function and appearance. Dentures are available in a wide range of prices, but they are not all created to the same standards of quality, fit, and aesthetics. The Denture Clinic in Surrey utilizes 3D denture technology and the finest material for premier fit, appearance, and durability.
To better understand this concept, let’s look at how dentures are made, assuming a complete set of upper and lower appliances. The process is basically three steps.


This initial procedure is absolutely critical to the final product, and it is an area where The Denture Clinic excels with the use of 3D technology. We begin by making moulds of your maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) ridges using a standard impression material. They are used to create a stone model that mimics the arches of your mouth. We use those models to make trays which hold a different kind of very pliable material that makes an extremely accurate impression of the ridges.
With many dentists, these are the impressions used to make your dentures. But The Dental Clinic goes much further to make certain the fit is excellent. We take several more sets of impressions, detailing all surfaces inside the mouth and illustrating the unique way you move your muscles, tongue, cheeks, and jaws. This is the foundation for dentures with a truly customized fit.
We also take extra steps to ensure proper bite registration – the relationship of your new upper teeth to the lower ones, at rest and as you chew, speak, and smile.


These are wax or acrylic forms that give you a chance to try your new smile before the final dentures are made. At this stage you and the dentist come to agreement on the exact shading, shape, and placement of teeth, and fit is checked and rechecked. We may have you try several models to reach full satisfaction.


The impressions, models, precise measurements, and shading instructions are sent to a dental laboratory. There the dentures are cast in strong, durable acrylic in a heat process called polymerization. Following a curing period, the dentures are polished to a beautiful lustre and delivered to The Dental Clinic.
The process takes about six weeks and several appointments, but a bit of patience here is critical for a beautiful, comfortable outcome that almost lets you forget you are wearing dentures. Call The Dental Clinic at [phone] to regain your gorgeous smile.
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