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Immediate Dentures in Surrey

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Patients in Surrey ask. “What are immediate dentures?”

There are many times when patients in Surrey present to us with front teeth that need to be removed/extracted. Some reasons for extracting teeth include loose teeth, painful teeth, infected teeth, and broken teeth. When are immediate dentures used? If we take these teeth out, it would leave unsightly gaps in your smile – a situation we would want to avoid at all costs. If it’s a single tooth, we can extract the tooth and provide you with a fixed tooth that replaces it straight away. This can either be done with an implant or a temporary bridge. If neither … Continue reading

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problems with Flexi-dentures

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A specialist near you in Sutton explains problems with Flexi-dentures that your dentist isn’t telling you

We get so many people coming to see us enquiring about Flexi-dentures. They have had them in the past or their dentist has recommended them, but are the patients aware of the damage that they can be doing to their teeth? As a dentist treating friends and neighbors near in Sutton, I feel a responsibility to disclose these problems. This article will explain the issues with Flexi-dentures and map out the reasons we don’t recommend them to our patients. Problems with Flexi-dentures you may know(or might not be aware of)   1. They put a lot of non-favourable pressure on … Continue reading

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